NSW Government announces counter terrorism strategy

NSW Government has unveiled its first Counter Terrorism Strategy

Written on 8 January, 2019
Tanaya Das

Late last year the NSW Government unveiled its first Counter Terrorism Strategy, which aims to strengthen the state’s ability to “prepare, prevent, respond and recover from acts of terrorism and violent extremism”.

The Minister for Counter Terrorism, David Elliot, said the risk of future attacks is an unfortunate reality: “NSW is a safe, cohesive and resilient society but there are a small number of individuals with extreme and violent views who want to divide us and threaten our safety.”

The Strategy supports the state government’s commitment to establishing closer relationships with the private sector and community leaders, through what is described as a coordinated effort.

“Countering Terrorism and violent extremism is not a goal that can be achieved by government alone. It is a shared responsibility that requires the cooperation of business, non-government organisations and the community,” Elliot said.

Meanwhile, the NSW Government has been increasing its Counter Terrorism capability across agencies, including:

  • New High-risk security unit at Goulburn and a specialist team to combat radicalisation in prisons
  • Dedicated Counter Terrorism and Special Tactics Police Command with more than 500 officers
  • Step Together helpline and online service to provide the community with advice and support about violent extremism
  • Community grants to promote social cohesion and support teams and counsellors for schools.

The new Counter Terrorism Strategy is guided by the following five principals:

  • Community safety is our first priority
  • Efforts to enhance public safety reinforce our way of life
  • We all share responsibility for action
  • Our approach is based on evidence and intelligence
  • Our approach is responsive and able to adapt

For more information visit: secure.nsw.gov.au/about-us/nsw-counter-terrorism-strategy/content.html