Remote working and your insurance systems – technology tips and pitfalls

With most of us working from home, we share some useful tips for staying safe

Written on 8 April, 2020
Allyssa Hextell

As most of us including insurance brokers are increasingly working remotely due to the COVID-19 crisis, it is essential that we pay attention to the increased risk factors and take actions to mitigate them.

Here are the five things regarding technology and remote working that you should pay attention to according to technology provider BAIS:

Update your home virus software & make regular back-ups

As a general rule, we are more exposed to hackers and viruses when we are working from home
compared to being in the office. Most mainstream systems for communicating with people are safe,
however, recently there has been some concern over the security of a few. Typically, using a home
PC is more vulnerable – not just to hackers, but also 5-year old’s pressing the delete key! Try and
make sure company information is recorded on your insurance systems rather than locally.

Information in your insurance system is safe

Once information is entered into your insurance system, it will be secure and backed-up. Do not use
working from home as an excuse for employees to be less diligent. The whole company is relying on
your insurance system more than ever.

Record client communications

Home working has led to a spike in the use of different communication methods such as zoom,
texting or social media to speak to clients. Make sure everything is recorded in your systems, so the
team has oversight of them. This is doubly important for companies who normally record phone
office calls but may not have similar systems in place for home workers.

Reap the benefit of integrated systems

Online systems that integrate with your ‘back office’ frees up your staff during a period where they
may not be as productive due to their home environments. Online quote, bind and pay systems also
provide income you do not have to do anything for and reduces the number of debtors to chase. If
your current processes require any double keying of data, now is the perfect time to invest in
integrating your systems.

Create a central location for tasks

Having a shared location for various activities and tasks allows everyone to see where things are at.
This is really important for a team that is homeworking, especially if something happens and your
employee is not able to work. For this reason, using personal outlook tasks is not recommended. An
insurance system or your CRM are much better solutions.

Contact BAIS if you have further questions regarding the set up or capabilities of your insurance system.