Mental Health: A conversation that is overdue

Founder of the Sydney Anxiety Clinic and NIBA 2020 speaker Dr Jodie Lowinger discusses the need to remove the stigma around mental health issues

Written on 23 September, 2020
Allyssa Hextell

An unrelenting champion for mental health in general and anxiety in particular, Dr Jodie Lowinger, the founder of the Sydney Anxiety Clinic and High Performance Coach to business leaders, is a harbinger of change.

She is passionate about removing the stigma around mental health issues, building mind strength and truly helping people live their best life.

She says, “Anxiety is not a condition that needs to be cured, it is just a part of being human. It is a component of the core fight or flight mechanism that we all have in our brain, it’s our most basic reaction to threat in our environment. It is really there as a wonderful survival mechanism to protect us in the case of a real threat.”

“Our brain typically prefers routine and certainty, the challenge in our contemporary society especially now is that we live in the midst of such uncertainty that our most primal reaction to it is fear and worry which tips us into stress and anxiety.”

Dr Lowinger believes, if we can normalise and recognise that feeling anxious is not a weakness, it is a part of normal human behaviour and there is no need to be ashamed of feeling this way we move to removing stigma and open up valuable conversations. “People will feel more comfortable and will reengage the part of their brain which will facilitate working more authentically.”

She says, “When we are in a mentally healthy state we are going to be performing in a much more effective way. When we are out of fight of flight mindset, we are moving back into a nervous system that is all about collaboration, connection, productivity, and performance. Looking purely at the return on investment in mental health strategies, it gets to the core of high performance.”

Allianz Insurance is bringing Dr Lowinger to the 2020 NIBA Virtual Convention to speak about mental strength and high-performance habits, understanding what makes individuals perform exceptionally and how you can build you way to mental strength and resilience.

You can now register for Dr Lowinger’s sessions at #NIBA2020 on the convention website. Allianz Insurance is also launching ‘A NIBA Brokers’ Guide to Mental Health & Wellbeing’ with the October issue of the Insurance Adviser magazine.