#NIBA2020: Meet the Board

NIBA board address delegates highlighting the work that has been going on behind the scenes

Written on 29 October, 2020
Tanaya Das

Day three of #NIBA2020 saw the National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA) board addressing delegates highlighting the work that has been going on behind the scenes.

NIBA President, Eric Harris from Aon lauded insurance brokers on the wonderful work that they have been doing in seriously testing times. He also mentioned Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) stats which prove that intermediaries are not a problem within financial services.

Harris also mentioned the work that the board has been doing in updating the Code of Practice for insurance brokers and the reasons why the new code has been delayed.

Vice President, Di Phelan from BJS Insurance Group spoke next assuring delegates that although it is impossible to please everyone at all times, the board is doing its best to represent the interest of all brokers and in turn their clients.

Edgewise Insurance Broker’s Graham Stevens speaking from the thick of the Melbourne lockdown said, “Individuals and businesses in Victoria have gone through a full spectrum of emotional and financial experiences. Many have done well but a lot of clients and their businesses are hanging on by their finger nails.”

He stressed that for insurance brokers, “Relationships with clients have never been more important.”

Angie Zissis from Austbrokers Group seconded this and added that in these current times brokers need to engage with insurers before they think they need to.

He said, “You know your clients and their needs better than anyone. Go to insurers with your data, trust your knowledge.”

Nick Cook from Steadfast believes that brokers are resilient and that they will make it through this crisis.

He said, “In this environment insurers get to say no, insurance brokers don’t. We need to be there for our clients and the economy.”

Past President Tim Wedlock from Austbrokers AEI spoke about all the work that NIBA has been doing behind the scenes on talking to the government about the removal of the NSW Emergency Services Levy. He was critical of the levy which is a charge that is added to most NSW insurance premiums in these trying times.

Gallagher’s Vivienne Toll believes that brokers are and have always been in the health business. She said, “Insurance broking has always been about people and their health.”