Putting clients first: GSK Insurance Brokers

GSK Insurance Brokers is a shining small business success story in a world defined by mergers and acquisitions

Written on 8 June, 2021
Tanaya Das

GSK Insurance Brokers is a shining small business success story in a world defined by mergers and acquisitions. The Western Australian business is celebrating four decades of providing risk management advice, claims advocacy and workers’ compensation related guidance to clients across Australia.


Broker Buzz spoke to GSK’s Founder and Managing Director, Graham Knight to find out the secret to his success. Perth born and bred, Knight has been a part of the insurance landscape since he was 15 years old and has experience working as both an underwriter and broker.

Staying true to his roots

Knight started his business in 1981 and GSK has grown steadily since then. He credits the longevity and success of his business to the fact that the business always puts its clients’ interests first.

A large part of GSK’s success must be attributed to Knight’s passion and drive, he is committed to the investment in his people and providing the highest levels of service to his clients, and his energy and enthusiasm are the same now as they were 40 years ago.

In the past four decades the insurance landscape has transformed in myriad ways but Knight considers the one thing that remains unchanged is that insurance broking clients need a risk adviser in their corner, “As our local and global operating environments continue to change, so do our clients’ risk profiles, but as long as our focus is on ensuring we adapt to the needs of our clients during these challenging times, we will continue to be relevant. Our core principles of personalised service and absolute professionalism have remained firm.”

Comprehensive client service

Having witnessed the industry evolve over the four decades that GSK has been operating, Knight believes that clients need insurance brokers who consistently combine specialised knowledge with focussed advice and outstanding customer service.

Looking forward to the future he said, “The people we work for, those we do business with and those who chose to be a part of GSK, were and will continue to be our focus.”

“GSK is built on our strong client first focus. Our growth has been achieved without acquisition and based purely on referrals from happy clients.”

Knight has thanked their loyal clients, hardworking staff and business partners for their wonderful support as he and his team at GSK look to continue delivering innovative insurance solutions and unmatched levels of service.