Building Respect: An interview with NIBA Vice President Gary Okely

New NIBA Vice President Gary Okely discusses greater acknowledgement across the broader community for the breadth and depth of the industry's advisory service.

Written on 4 May, 2022
Amy Cai
NIBA Vice-President Gary Okely
NIBA Vice President Gary Okely


Over his long career, Gary Okely has seen the broking industry mature and transform, and credits NIBA in playing a key role to drive continuous professionalism.

But the challenge he sees ahead is to attain widespread community recognition for the strategic role brokers play in advising their clients.

“Our industry goes from helping families, to advising the country’s biggest corporations,” Gary says. “When I look at the impact of the work we do with businesses of all sizes, our services and advice have significantly progressed.

“As well as advising on risk protection, brokers bring risk management advice, actuarial knowledge, claims management and expertise. We have evolved into professional advisers rather than insurance transactors.

“I believe that we should be given the same respect as the big advisory firms such as KPMG or PwC. The work we do is of equal standard and individual clients see us as their trusted advisers, but we need to build this reputation more across the general population. That will allow the broking industry to gain greater respect, recognition and be recognised as a career choice that is attractive to the next generation of talent.”

For the full article, go to page 24 of the April issue of Insurance Adviser.