SA/NT Young Broker of the Year Award finalists announced

NIBA is proud to announce the South Australian/Northern Territory finalists for the Vero sponsored Young Broker of the Year Awards.

Written on 29 June, 2022
Amy Cai

NIBA is proud to announce the South Australian/Northern Territory finalists for the Vero sponsored Young Broker of the Year Awards.

NIBA CEO Philip Kewin said, “I would like to congratulate Candice, Joseph and Shaun on their achievement of reaching the final stages of the SA/NT 2022 Young Broker of the Year award and wish them the very best of luck.

“I would also like to thank our sponsor Vero for their continued support of the award. Their support is crucial in providing a platform to recognise the amazing talent in our profession,” he added.


SA/NT Young Broker of the Year Award finalists:

Shaun Thomas, Principal – NT, Marsh

Shaun Thomas

After relocating to Perth from Tasmania in 2012, Shaun ‘fell’ into a role at a claim lodgement centre for a national insurer. He quickly progressed in the firm, after discovering an interest in the broking profession and the opportunities it provided for professional development.

In 2014, Shaun joined Marsh as an Account Executive, where he worked in the Oil and Gas sector and gained a deep understanding and appreciation for Australia’s resource sector.

In 2018, he received a call to join Marsh’s Darwin team and jumped at the opportunity. He has since found a passion in working across remote areas of Northern Territory and providing assistance to First Nation organisations.

“It is incredibly humbling to become a finalist for the 2022 Young Broker of the Year award and be recognised for my work and the results that we drive for our clients.

“We all work very hard to assist our clients and adapt to the ever-changing risk landscape.

“Ultimately, I enjoy and feel fortunate to be involved in this industry – we’re afforded an opportunity to make a meaningful impact in our clients’ lives, their businesses and the wider community as a whole.”


Joseph Cuzzocrea, Account Executive, Maxton

Joseph Cuzzocrea

At 19 years old, Joseph started working for Maxton, the brokerage his father had founded 37 years ago. He started out in claims, which inspired an appreciation for a broker’s ability to support clients in their time of need.

After a few years in the role, Joseph decided to branch out and expand his knowledge by stepping into an Assistant Account Executive position at Marsh. The experience of working with corporate clients enabled him to professionally develop, and Joseph eventually returned to Maxton, where he built his own portfolio and rebranded the business.

He prides himself in his passion for professional development, being a member of the NIBA Young Professional Committee since 2019 and keeping up to date with the challenges and future opportunities in the industry.

“To be recognised by one of the most prestigious insurance associations throughout Australia, and to be named as a finalist for their award, gives me so much confidence in my abilities.

“I feel recognised and appreciated in what I do every day, and I’m so grateful to be part of it all.

After all the hard work in the backend, to be chosen as a finalist and to sit with the leaders of the industry that I admire every day is such an honour. It motivates me to be the best broker I can possible be in this wonderful industry I am part of.”


Candice Klau, Managing Director, Be Covered Insurance Brokers

Candice Klau

Candice started working as a receptionist for an insurance brokerage in Adelaide, just two days out of high school. Years later, Candice moved to Byron Bay to continue her career progression and enjoy some sun, before eventually returning to her home state and reuniting with the SA industry.

Last year, after 16 years of working in the industry, she took the plunge and started her own brokerage, Be Covered Insurance Brokers, an Authorised Representative under SUREWiSE.

Candice is passionate about giving back to the industry and advocating for its value, currently being the Chair of the SA NIBA Young Professional Committee.

“I have a habit of always looking forward, but the Young Broker of the Year Award has made me pause for a moment and appreciate just how far I’ve come.

“A lot has happened to me, professional and personally. From the girl who landed a receptionist job at an insurance brokerage just two days out of high school, to now being the Managing Director of my own insurance brokerage, it was and still is a bit overwhelming.

“I’ve come so far, and I still plan to go a lot further.”


The winner of the SA/NT Young Broker of the Year award, as well as the finalists for the SA/NT Broker of the Year award, will be announced at the NIBA SA Gala Lunch on Friday 22 July.