Important Background Information

Additional Code Information

How up to date is the Code?

The Code is a living Code and can be updated by NIBA at any time to take into immediate account where necessary of any significant market developments and industry experiences. NIBA will arrange for the Code to be reviewed every three years. In making any changes NIBA will consult with relevant stakeholders, including consumer representatives, Code Members, AFCA, the Code Compliance Committee and relevant government agencies.

Are any Code reports available to you?

Reports can be prepared and publicised by NIBA covering matters it believes are of importance having regard to the Code Objectives and Code Principles.

Words with special meanings

Some words have the special meanings set out in the Words with Special Meanings section.

Code Procedures

Code Procedures also apply which cover in detail how a Complaint may be made and resolved and details of the structure and powers of the Code Administrator and Code Compliance Committee.