Scope of the Code

(CLIENT - referred to as �you� and �your� in the Code)

A person is covered by the Code as a Client in relation to the Covered Services we provide to them.

However, a Client will not include any:

  • insurer or its agents;
  • insurance broker;
  • other type of insurance intermediary; or
  • other insurance service provider such as a premium funder and loss adjuster,

except to the extent we have provided Covered Services to them in relation to or arising from their proposed or actual purchase of insurance or Associated Services.

For example, if an insurer uses our services to acquire insurance on their behalf, they are a Client in relation to that insurance and any premium funding referral we may make related to the insurance. If we act as their agent in selling insurance for them to others or act for an insured in arranging insurance with them as insurer, they won�t be a Client in relation to these services.