Complaints and Dispute Resolution Process

General Standards

(A �Code Member� is referred to in these Standards as �we�, �our� and �us� and a �Client� as �you� and �your�)

Our internal complaints and disputes handling process for Covered Services (IDR Process) is a two-step process as set out to the right and must:

  • meet any relevant standard required by law;
  • be free of charge;
  • be conducted in a fair, transparent and timely manner;
  • require us to:
    • immediately (or if this is not possible as soon as practicable) acknowledge the receipt of Complaints or Disputes and address them promptly in accordance with their degree of urgency;
    • only ask for and take account of relevant information in considering a Complaint or Dispute;
    • immediately initiate action to correct any identified error or mistake in dealing with a Complaint or Dispute;
    • allow you to seek access to information we have relied on in assessing a Complaint or Dispute and provide you with access to the information, except in special circumstances, such as where this would breach any laws (e.g. privacy) or would prejudice us in relation to the Complaint or Dispute; and
    • provide reasons why we will not give you access to such information mentioned above (in writing if you request it); and
  • handle Complaints and Disputes caused by our Representatives for Covered Services provided by them on our behalf.

The Code commits us to:

  • high standards of customer service;
  • a free and transparent complaints and compliance review process; and
  • abide by any binding sanctions imposed on us under the Code for any breach.