Service Standards

What standards apply to our Covered Services?

1We will comply with all relevant law

2We will transparently manage any conflicts of interest that may arise

Conflicts of interest are circumstances where some or all of your interests are inconsistent, or diverge from, some or all of our interests.

When providing Covered Services this standard is met where we:

  • identify any conflicts of interest;
  • assess and evaluate these conflicts of interest;
  • decide upon and implement an appropriate response to those conflicts, which can, depending on the circumstances, include:
    • disclosing the relevant conflicts of interest to you;
    • allocating another representative to provide the relevant Covered Services; and
    • declining to provide our Covered Services.
  • have monitoring procedures in place to ensure that:
    • our conflicts management arrangements are implemented and maintained; and
    • any non-compliance is identified, recorded and appropriately acted upon.
  • keep appropriate records of our management of conflicts of interest;
  • answer any questions you have about conflicts of interest and our procedures for handling them; and
  • comply with any additional requirements imposed by relevant law regarding the management of conflicts of interest.


A "Code Member" is referred to in these Standards as "we", "our" and "us" and a "Client" as "you" and "your"