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Cyber Awareness Training

1 March 2021 - 31 January 2022

CyberSafe comprises 10 modules covering a total of 30 topics that are all tested and graded so an individual can be cyber aware in 2 ½ hours. Individuals can complete the online training at a time, pace and location convenient to them without having to gather the entire team into 1 room for a training session.

Cyber Awareness Training
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About this event

Cyber Awareness Training

This training is NIBA accredited for 2.5 CPD points. 

CyberSafe comprises 10 modules each with 3 topics making 30 topics in total.  Each topic has 4 time based multiple-choice questions per topic (12 questions per module) enabling individual employees to test their knowledge and organisations to quickly identify which employees have completed and passed the training and are deemed to be Cyber Safe.

  • Topics are designed to be completed within 5 minutes; modules within 15 minutes.
  • Achieving 75% or more correct in each test earns the employee an Achievement Badge.
  • Completing a minimum of 8 out of 10 modules earns the employee a Proficiency Certificate

CyberSafe comprises lessons that incorporate elements of the Australian Government Cyber Security Centre Essential Eight.  The content has been created by experts in online learning and cyber security holding Masters degrees including Masters in System Security.

How to register:

Visit https://www.cybersafe.training/productstraining 

For more information contact info@cybersafe.training or phone +61 8 6559 4799.

Content covered in the modules and topics is as follows:

1. Passwords


  1. password security
  2. multi-factor authentication
  3. password managers and best practices

2. Phishing


  1. types of phishing attacks
  2. risks presented by phishing
  3. how to avoid falling for a phishing attack

3. Compliance


  1. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  2. HIPAA Privacy & Security / PCI DSS
  3. Data Breach Notification / Data Protection Act

4. Websites & Software


  1. the risks presented by malicious websites and software
  2. how to identify malicious websites and software
  3. how to stay safe when browsing the web

5. Physical security


  1. common physical security vulnerabilities (e.g. tailgating, removable media, etc.)
  2. best practices to stay safe (e.g. clean desk policy)
  3. how to stay safe when working remotely (e.g. safe Wi-Fi usage)

6. Malware


  1. types of malware
  2. how to identify polymorphic malware
  3. how malware attacks usually unfold

7. Ransomware


  1. introduction to encryption
  2. types of ransomware (e.g. scareware)
  3. how to avoid ransomware attacks

8. Social Media


  1. risk presented by social media usage at work
  2. difference between social media for work and for personal use
  3. how to handle sensitive customer data when using corporate social media

9. Social engineering


  1. how to recognize and identify a social engineering attack
  2. how to safely extricate oneself from a social engineering attack
  3. types of sensitive information that should never be disclosed to anyone

10. Incident response


  1. key steps and procedures to follow in case of an incident
  2. role of each employee in responding to an incident
  3. mock incidents for employees to practice responding to


CyberSafe International Pty Ltd
+61 8 6559 4799
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