Annual CPD requirements

CPD requirements for all individual NIBA members are calculated on a flexible biennial basis. Members are required to obtain a minimum of 50 CPD points over two years. The current two-year period is: 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2020.

An average of 25 points must be completed annually. However, extra points earned in one year can be carried over to the second to make up the allocation. For example, if you were to earn 35 points in year 1, you would only be required to earn another 15 points in year 2. The CPD year runs from January to December in any year.

Structured CPD

Members must undertake a minimum of 17.5 structured points of CPD annually from at least two of the following 4 training categories.

The maximum number of points you can claim per year in this category are 10 points per module up to a maximum of 20 points per 12 months.

  1. Nationally accredited industry education courses
  2. Programs listed on the NIBA CPD Register
  3. Professional participation activities
  4. Industry leadership activities

Unstructured CPD

Members can claim a maximum of 7.5 points annually in the following types of unstructured training categories:

Senior QPIBs

To acknowledge their industry experience and expertise those QPIB members aged over 55 years and with over 10 years as a practicing broker will be able to claim more hours in the following catagories:

Activities that are not eligible for NIBA CPD points

Programs that are not eligible for NIBA CPD accreditation are activities that have insufficient focus on developing an individual’s professional skills and knowledge even if they are related to work. These include:

  • Business planning, strategy or marketing meetings;
  • Promotional or marketing events such as product launches;
  • Staff induction and systems training;
  • Motivational sessions;
  • In-house business updates or internal networking events. Please note that those sections of a broker meeting which are structured training sessions, dealing with an appropriate broking topic can be awarded a NIBA CPD rating. The  organiser of the meeting will need to apply for the program to be listed on the NIBA CPD register. The rating will exclude general discussion sessions; and
  • Training provided by RTOs that is not sufficiently relevant to insurance or broking or to the participant’s specific job role.

CPD exemptions

Members who are forced to leave the industry for health reasons for a substantial portion of the year may apply for special exemption from their annual CPD requirements. Initial enquires should be made to the NIBA Registrar at:

Getting CPD accreditation for your training

In order to be eligible for CPD accreditation, training must fall into one of the categories of structured training outlined in CPD Guidelines, and fit certain criteria. Click here for more information.