CPD training plans

In order to develop professionally it can be useful for brokers to work to a training plan. This allows individuals to identify key strengths and weaknesses and adapt their CPD training accordingly. The following needs to be included in an annual training plan:

  • An outline of the job competencies the representative(s) will focus on in the current plan;
  • A description of the CPD training programs to be undertaken to develop these competencies; and
  • A note of any special arrangements for representatives in geographically remote or widespread areas, and those with multiple product authorisations.

At the end of each year training managers should compare the actual training record with the original training plan and note any variances. This information should be kept on file for two years.

Job competencies

An easy way to put together a training plan is to use a checklist of job functions and competencies to choose those that will be addressed during the year.

NIBA has checklists of the job functions for the five most commonly found roles in brokerage or underwriting offices. Actual job titles for individuals with similar job functions often differ across firms of varying size and structure. For ease of use NIBA uses the following generic terms to describe each job:

  • Responsible manager: covers a licensee, partner, managing director or senior manager in a brokerage or underwriting agency.
  • Account executive: covers experienced and Tier 1 qualified insurance brokers or authorised representatives.
  • Assistant broker: covers less experienced and Tier 2 qualified insurance brokers and authorised representatives as well as claims handlers and para-planners.
  • Claims manager: covers a person with supervisory responsibility for claims in a brokerage or underwriting agency.
  • Administration manager: covers administration and compliance managers in a brokerage or underwriting agency.

Training officers can modify these job descriptions to suit the organisation’s requirements. For example, an individual’s job may be a mixture of job functions for two or more job descriptions. A common one is where the licensee in a small business combines the role of managing director and administration manager, or the account executive may also undertake claims management functions.

The job functions and related competencies for each job have been grouped under the following categories:

  • Management or support
  • Planning and control
  • Sales & marketing
  • Client service
  • Operations & compliance
  • Technical knowledge
  • Personal effectiveness