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CPD Course
Course Name: Together tackling the next natural disaster and extreme weather event
CPD Points: 1
Provider: Swiss Re Corporate Solutions
CPD Register Code: 17411
Course Description: Our expert panel will discuss how we assess, index and provide solutions to our customers in preparation for future natural catastrophe events. Focusing on risk identification, statistics and future predictions.
Course Date(s): 08/05/2019 + additional throughout the year
Course Location: Australia Wide
Venue: Webinar Dial in
Course Duration: Days: 0 / Hours: 1
Method to Verify Attendance: Marked Attendance List
Assessment Description: Dial in Webinar - attendance is measured through the system and the full hour of attendance is captured to ensure only granting to those that listen in full.
Course Presenter: See below (next question on titles & qualifications)
Presenter Qualifications: •Steve Higginson – Webinar Host and Chairman; •Jane Sexton, Director - Hazard and Risk Infrastructure and Applications Section, Community Safety Branch, Geoscience Australia •Alex Pui, Nat Cat Specialist, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions; •Andre Martin, Head Innovative Risk Solutions APAC, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions; •Clarence Wong, Chief Economist Asia, Swiss Re Institute; and •Lucia Bevere, Senior Catastrophe Data Analyst, Group Economic Research & Strategy
Mode of Delivery: eLearning
Learning Objectives:

This webinar will focus on the increasing number of natural disasters and extreme weather events in Australia and what risk managers are doing to prepare for, and protect, their assets and balance sheets.

In 2018 Australian industries were ravished by a range of perils; cyclones, droughts, floods, hailstorms and wildfires, which caused widespread damage and disruption to supply chains.

During the webinar we will draw on the Swiss Re Institute's newly released annual natural catastrophes and manmade disasters sigma report, which reported global insured losses from natural catastrophes of USD 76 billion in 2018. The fourth highest on sigma records