NSW Emergency Services Levy Hub

NIBA recognises the invaluable service that our state fire and emergency services provide to all Australians. Well-funded fire and emergency services are paramount to our governments’ ability to respond to natural disasters. It is NIBA’s aim to ensure that these services are funded in the most efficient way possible, to ensure their continuation into the future.

NIBA believes that those who receive the benefit of these services should contribute to their operation. This would provide a broader base for funding whilst reducing the financial burden on those who have been disproportionately contributing to state fire and emergency services funding via the Emergency Services Levy.

I want to know more

If you or your clients would like to know more about the Emergency Services Levy you can access our ESL fact sheet here.

NIBA’s submissions on emergency services levy reform are available here.

I want to do something

If you would like to contact your local member about this important issue, a template letter is available here. If you are unsure who to contact, you can download our NSW State MP database or if you are unsure which electorate you fall within, visit the find my electorate page.