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Registration for Negotiating for Success - Fundamentals from the Harvard Program on Negotiation

Negotiating for Success is focused on building effective negotiation and influencing skills. This program is based on the Harvard Program on Negotiation.

Through presentations, case studies, role plays/simulations, group discussions and problem solving activities, participants will practice Harvard's framework for effective negotiation.

This is a highly interactive seminar with the focus on learning and practicing the fundamentals of creating good outcomes.


  • Harvard's 7 Elements Framework
  • Human Needs Psychology
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Cross Cultural Negotiation
  • Managing Personality Dynamics
  • Identify What Type of Negotiator/Communicator you are
  • Overcoming Obstacles/Blocks to Closing a Deal

Key Learning Objectives & Outcomes

  1. An Understanding of Harvard's 7 Elements Framework for Effective Negotiation
  2. Practice integrating the use of Objective Criteria into the negotiation
  3. Ability to identify and integrate the Needs of the Other Party into the negotiation
  4. Ability to become more aware of non-verbal communication and miscommunication
  5. An understanding of the importance of creating options for mutual gain in order to close effective deals.
  6. Techniques to use when dealing with difficult people
  7. An introduction to cross cultural negotiation principles

For more details and to register click here or contact Angela Correrio P: 0424 946 733 E: training@process-improvement-japan.com 

Training Dates & Locations: 

November 20 & 21 - Box Hill

November 26 & 27 - St. Kilda

November 29 & 30 - Carlton

December 3 &4 -  Ballarat

December 12 & 13 - City of Casey

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