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The Trusted Risk Adviser

Covid-19 Edition

What you will learn

By the end of this compelling session with Sumedha (aka “Sumo”) you will be able to better understand insurance market dynamics and explain them to your clients, helping them to understand underwriter behaviour and drivers that sit behind the underwriting market.  As trusted advisors, brokers and risk professionals will understand capital flows into the insurance market and subsequent premium impacts within the context of complex global economies, helping them solidify themselves as experts in their field and manage expectations in times of uncertainty and unknowns.

As economies and markets continue to be impacted by COVID19, Sumo will also deliver key insights into the possible impacts on the insurance market and what this could mean for businesses great and small, helping you prepare your clients for possible impacts, whilst managing expectations of both clients and the underwriting market. 

Presenter - Sumedha Jayasinghe

Sumedha is the Head of Strategic Partnering at IAG Risk Partners.

He works directly with customers and broking partners, industry bodies and insurers to develop and deliver expert advice and risk management solutions.

Prior to working at IAG, Sumedha worked in risk engineering as a Consultant Engineer for FM Global for several years.

Prior to this he gained experience with Schlumberger Limited as a Reservoir Engineer in Australia, Canada, Colombia, France, Luxembourg, the UAE and the USA. He was also the Radiation Safety Officer for Western Canada, before being appointed Head Seismic Engineer for Onshore Land Operations and Lead Engineer for Origin Energy.

Early in his career, he worked as a Materials Engineer for Robert Bosch GmbH, in Stuttgart, Germany. Sumedha is also a Managing Partner of C-J Capital Trust.

This webinar will be followed by a 10 question quiz. The quiz must be completed and participants must gain 80% correct rate to obtain NIBA's accredited 2 CPD points. 

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