NIBA mentoring program testimonials

Since its launch in 2008, the NIBA mentoring program has brought hundreds of young insurance professionals together with senior figures to aid in their career development. But it's not only the mentees that benefit. Our mentors are among the most respected insurance professionals in Australia and in many cases they have as much to gain from the process as their young charges.

Below you can read testimonials from mentors and mentees who have supported the program in recent years. If you would like to sign up for the next series of the program in your region, contact us today. And if you've already participated in the program and would like to share your story, please get in touch today.

Mentor testimonials

"I am very proud to have been selected as a mentor in the NIBA Mentoring Program this year. This program was a great learning experience for myself and an opportunity to assist with providing guidance to the future young professionals in this industry. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone within the industry that is interested in furthering their knowledge and experience, both as a mentee and a mentor."
Natalie Russo, Senior Account Manager, Zenith Insurance Services

“I find working with different young personalities both challenging and rewarding. I use the mentoring experience to improve my people skills and I find it benefits me professionally and personally.”
Jeff Murdoch, Director, Emjay Insurance Brokers

“Watching [my mentee’s] ability to change her mindset and her sense of achievement, as well as the opportunity to witness her passion, was extremely rewarding.”
Jenny Bax, Regional Manager, SA, QBE

“Working with a mentee makes you think about your own performance and objectives, as well as those of your staff. A lot of what I learned through this process I was able to put back into my own business. It’s fantastic.”
Rebecca Wilson, General Manager, Austbrokers ABS

“It is so uplifting to meet and get to know the bright young talent that exists within our industry. Just to play a small part in the overall success of an individual’s career is so rewarding.”
George Peros, Director, Talos Insurance and Risk Solutions

“I think any initiatives where you’re getting people from different areas of insurance together to work with each other and help each other is good for the industry overall. It gives people a better understanding as to the broader industry rather than the narrow area that we tend to work in.”
David Bruton, Principal, Marsh

“It is extremely rewarding to play a part in assisting young professionals to overcome difficulties and challenges in their careers and to achieve their goals.”
Amanda Smith, Owner, Optimum Insurance Services

“It’s professional development for mentors, as well as mentees. It’s really mutual learning and gives me a chance to look at my own life and reflect on what [my mentee] can learn from my experience. The whole process is excellent and I would encourage everyone to be involved.”
David Michell, Director, Protectors Insurance Brokers

Mentee testimonials

"The NIBA Mentoring Program provided a safe space to discuss issues and difficulties I faced being a young professional in the insurance broking industry. It provided alternative insights and ways to approach issues and further develop my knowledge and skills. Through the program, I was able to evaluate and receive assistance in identifying where I am in my career, where I aspire to be and the steps required to get there."
Simon Meloni, Account Executive, Marsh

“My mentor provided an immeasurable amount of help and guidance during a very important juncture in my career, and has helped me grow both professionally and personally.”
Ben Pruckner, Account Executive, Edgewise Insurance Brokers

“My mentor was able to give me feedback and advice on my thoughts and ambitions without being influenced by what’s going on in my workplace. It also gave me an opportunity to network and meet other people in the industry, and made me realise that others face similar challenges to my own. Everyone should get involved.”
Alexandra Fox-Slater, Client Executive, Aon

“For many of us in rural areas, it’s easy to stick to your comfort zone and do what you're familiar with, but undertaking the mentoring program you meet other people, learn new skills, and grow professionally.”
Samantha Burgess, Landmark Operations

“The mentoring program is a great opportunity to network and to build your personal brand. That was a big goal for me, so the program is perfect.”
Tammy Chow, Account Executive, AJ Gallagher

“The program is amazing. Having a mentor really highlights your strengths and weaknesses, and gives you the direction you need to decide which pathway to take. The program has altered the course of my career.”
Lloyd Beltran, Account Manager, Allianz Australia

"Completing the program has been a career changing experience. It enabled me to review my career and assess the direction I see myself taking it. I was awarded a promotion, which could only be classified as a testament to the program. I highly recommend NIBA mentoring to anyone in the industry. It’s amazing and I’m so glad to have been part of it.”
Lana Brown, Account Executive, Willis

“The program provided a friendly and encouraging learning environment while still challenging me to achieve and exceed the goals I had set with my mentor. Without the program, I would not be as confident as I am now.”
Samantha Forkas, Account Executive, Willis

“The NIBA mentoring program provided the perfect opportunity to expand my network of Industry professionals with mentors in senior management positions and fellow young professionals.”
Chris Donnelly, General Manager, Donnelly Insurance Brokers

“I’d recommend the program to anyone. It gave me a real sense of direction; and helped clarify what I want to do with my career and how to achieve my goals.”
Matt White, Underwriter, QBE

“One of the strong points of the NIBA program is the value of seeking out someone in a different organisation who has had a different experience in their professional life. To find someone who is external, there’s a different value in that, which I think is absolutely worthwhile.”
Yvonne Choong, Great Wall Insurance Services

“The NIBA mentoring program has provided me with the opportunity to stop, reflect and develop – and I’m thankful for the learning opportunities the program provided me with. It has allowed me to personally and professionally develop, while also providing an environment where I can network and connect with other young professionals.”
Lauren Christiansen, Senior Account Manager, Employers Mutual

“My mentor gave me some good advice on how to present in front of other people and I got some very positive feedback. Now I’m more confident when I talk to my clients, I have more strategies and I’m more easily able to find out from the client exactly what they’re after. That really helps my clients have more faith in me as a broker.”
Ran Song, Broker, Emjay Insurance Brokers