NIBA regularly provides submissions to government, parliamentary inquiries, and regulatory and other agencies, on behalf of the intermediated insurance industry.

NIBA often seeks member input on a variety of issues to help inform our submissions. If you would like to provide input to an open submission, or any other policy issue please do so below.

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Past Submissions

NIBA Submission Compensation for Food Delivery Riders
May 2021
NIBA Reponse ASBFEO Insurance Inquiry
April 2021
ASIC RG 339 Consultation- Deferred Sales Model
April 2021
NIBA Submission AFCA Draft Engagement Charter
April 2021
NIBA Submission Treasury AFCA Review
March 2021
IPART Review of the Effectiveness and Efficiency of the NSW Home Building Compensation Fund- Draft Report
October 2020
IPART Review of the Effectiveness and Efficiency of the NSW Home Building Compensation Fund
June 2020
Senate Inquiry into Lessons to be Learnt in Relation to the Australian 2019-20 Bushfire Season
May 2020
ACCC Interim Authorisation Suncorp QBE Allianz
May 2020
Royal Commission National Natural Disaster Arrangements
April 2020
NSW Government Independent Bushfire Inquiry
April 2020
NSW Treasury Small Business Strategy 2020
March 2020
Letter to NSW Premier and NSW Treasurer regarding ESL
Jan 2020
ACCC Northern Australia Insurance Inquiry- First Interim Report
April 2019
Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry
October 2018
Productivity Commission Inquiry into Competition in the Australian Financial System- Draft Report
March 2018
NIBA Preliminary Submission In Response To The Consultation On Industry Codes In The Financial Sector
July 2017
170307 NIBA Submission Senate Consumere Protection Inquiry
March 2017
170315 NIBA Submission Product Design Distribution And Intervention Final
March 2017
170310 NIBA Submission ASIC Funding Final
March 2017
170222 NIBA Submission Senate GI Inquiry Published
February 2017