The ACT Government releases its 2023-24 bushfire preparedness plan

The ACT Government has released the ACT Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD) 2023-24 Bushfire Operations Plan, which describes the next 12 months of preparedness and prevention activities planned across ACT parks and reserves to reduce bushfire risks.  

The Minister for Planning and Land Management Mick Gentleman said this year’s ESPDD Bushfire Operations Plan will take advantage of forecast drier weather to accelerate repair and maintenance activities to management trails, conduct hazard reduction burns, and reduce fuel loads in the urban environment. 

“The ACT Government remains focused on reducing bushfire risks to the Canberra community. The Bushfire Operations Plan sets out a wide range of proposed works and activities to address this risk,” Minister Gentleman said.  

“The Bushfire Operations Plan establishes a prioritised and ambitious plan of risk reduction activities across 13,415 hectares of the ACT and 560 km of the ACT management trails to be delivered by experienced land managers and fire fighters from the ACT Parks and Conservation Service.” 

“With the ACT expecting hotter and drier conditions due to El Nino weather patterns, its essential that the government, business and the community progress their bushfire preparations now to prevent the spread of fire and protect Canberrans and their homes from a potential bushfire event. 

“I urge Canberrans to be prepared and informed as we head into summer. Now is the time to create or update your own survival plan and play your part in keeping yourself, your family and your community safe.” 

You can read the EPSDD 2023-24 Bushfire Operations Plan to find out more about bushfire management for ACT parks and reserves on the ACT Environment website.

If you’re in the ACT, you can visit the ACT Emergency Services Agency website to download your survival plan, and to learn more about how you can Be Emergency Ready.