Hear from past Broker of the Year Award winners

Nominations for the 2024 NIBA Broker of the Year Award are currently open. The award, in partnership with CGU, recognises the best talent the broking profession has to offer, shining the spotlight on an exceptional broker who has shown the highest standard of professionalism and integrity and has gone above and beyond for their clients.  

This is what some of the past award winners had to say about what winning the award has meant for their personal and professional growth.  

Being positioned as a thought leader  

Dr Bunmi Ajayi, Founder and CEO of Megalines Insurance & Risk Advisers and winner of the 2015 Broker of the Year award, noted that winning the prestigious award helped position him as a thought leader in the industry and transformed how his clients saw him.  

"From a client perspective, this recognition has transformed [my clients'] perception of me and the services I provide," said Dr Ajayi.   

"Clients now view me as a symbol of trust and excellence, reinforcing their confidence in my ability to deliver tailored, high-quality solutions. It has deepened the bond of trust, allowing for more meaningful and enduring client relationships built on the foundation of demonstrated expertise and dedication.  

"On a personal level, winning Broker of the Year has been a validation of my commitment to professionalism and excellence." 

An avenue for professional growth   

Winning the award gives the Broker of the Year a national platform for professional growth and development opportunities.   

"Winning has expanded my network both inside and outside of our industry in some amazing ways," said Shelley Hymas, Director of Phoenix Insurance Brokers and the 2020 Broker of the Year winner.   

"It has allowed me to further invest in my professional development, which in turn has helped to grow our business."  

A career highlight  

Barry Sonter, Head of National Accounts at Finsura Insurance Broking and the 2023 Broker of the Year winner, noted that being crowned as last year's winner will always rank as one of his career highlights.  

"When I hang up my hat eventually, I think it'll be one of those career milestones that I will look back and say, you know what, I actually achieved something pretty significant," said Mr Sonter.  

If you or someone you know has displayed exceptional professionalism and service to their clients, head on to the NIBA Awards page to go through the eligibility criteria and submit a nomination today.   



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