icare launches a new online platform with essential workers compensation resources for brokers


The platform will help in streamlining how brokers interact with icare, offering a one-stop resource for all workers' compensation needs in NSW.


icare has launched a new online Broker hub aimed at providing brokers with a centralised platform to access vital information needed to support employers in creating safe workplaces and aiding injured workers' return to work.

The platform will streamline brokers' interactactions with icare, offering a one-stop resource for all workers' compensation needs in NSW.

The hub offers a wealth of advice and tools designed to enhance brokers' ability to assist employers. It includes guidance on how employers can reduce their premiums, such as receiving discounts of up to 5% for upfront payment in full and other incentives for maintaining safe workplaces. 

Tony Wessling, icare’s Group Executive for Workers Compensation, highlighted the significance of this new platform for brokers and employers in NSW.

“The work we do is driven by the need to prevent workplace injuries, and making sure employers have the important cover needed to protect their workers,” Mr. Wessling stated.

“We continue to listen to the feedback we’re receiving from the industry and provide brokers and employers with access to ongoing industry expertise and valuable resources. The Broker hub is now available to further support brokers to make the right decisions about workers compensation insurance for NSW employers.”

The introduction of the Broker hub follows a series of enhancements to icare’s workers compensation model, developed in collaboration with its Claims Service Provider (CSP) partners. These improvements include the quarterly publication of performance data and offering larger employers more choice in CSPs.

Mr. Wessling highlighted that these changes aim to boost transparency and accountability in claim management, ultimately leading to a better experience for injured workers and employers.

“The changes we have introduced are all about increasing the transparency and accountability of how claims are managed for injured workers and their employers. I want more businesses to be able to select the most suitable claims service provider for their workplace, resulting in a better claims experience,” Mr Wessling said.