Insurers gather for a deep dive into the results of the Broker Market Survey

Last week, representatives from Australia’s major insurers and underwriting agencies gathered together to gain a deeper understanding of the results that emerged from the annual broker market survey.  

The survey and the research is conducted by an independent market research firm called NielsenIQ, and the results from the survey and brokers’ feedback help determine the top insurer and underwriting agency performers over the past 12 months.  

“There were a record number of respondents this year, which is great. It just shows that the survey results are statistically relevant and really important in terms of getting broker feedback,” said Philip Kewin, NIBA CEO. 

“The survey provides an independent view of brokers, their engagement and their attitudes towards their relationships with the insurers that they they’ve dealt with over the past 12 months,” said Angela Carter, Director of Consumer Insights from Nielsen IQ. 

“We look at a couple of sides to the equation, including who’s the most trusted brand, who’s giving brokers the best experience, and we combine that together to get the rankings of the insurers and agencies to determine who is the insurer of the year,” she said. 

Based on the results of the annual broker market survey, NTI was awarded the Underwriting Agency of the Year, Liberty Specialty Markets won the Specialty Insurer of the Year, and Vero won the Large Insurer of the Year.