An operational review of icare to be conducted, as part of the next phase of reform

An operational review into icare has been launched, that will look to cut excessive spending, waste and salary costs. 

The number of senior executives and their remuneration will be scrutinised as part of the review, in line with the NSW Government’s commitment to freeze the pay and cut the number of senior executives across the government. Medical, income and other support provided to injured workers are not impacted by this review. 

The review will be led by Treasury, after the NSW Government passed new laws to provide Treasury with powers to obtain information and records on icare spending. 

Savings identified in the review will flow through to individuals and businesses across NSW by aiming to put downward pressure on workers compensation premiums and protecting benefits to injured workers. 

The review is expected to report in time for icare to identify permanent savings in its net cost of operations by 1 March 2024. 

“We will remain unrelenting in our pursuit of best practice and best governance at icare. This review continues the long but necessary road of reform that began within weeks of Labor coming to government,” said the Minister for Work Health and Safety Sophie Cotsis. 

“Businesses need access to a scheme with affordable premiums and workers need to be supported when things go wrong at work.” 

The review follows previous reforms to icare implemented by the NSW Government, including the passage of new laws in August to put worker and business representatives onto the icare board.