Professional reading

There is no requirement to have this activity accredited. Rather, points can be included for reading professional journals and industry publications in the following manner:

  • Reading the substantive content of one issue of a relevant professional journal such as NIBA’s own Insurance Adviser Magazine is given ½ point per hour engaged; and
  • Subscribing to and reading a nominated journal or reference list of material is given 1 point per hour engaged provided it is accompanied by a record of the date and duration of reading undertaken.

You should keep a record of your reading – download a CPD reading record sheet below.

Individual research activities

Research or personal programs that are carried out over an extended period of time are eligible for CPD Points. These will be accredited on a case-by-case basis taking into account the general rules outlined below. These activities are not listed on the NIBA CPD Register.

The purpose of this application process is to provide practitioner members with the opportunity to gain CPD points for appropriately designed and implemented professional development programs in the area of industry leadership. These activities should lead to significant professional development for an individual or team and clearly demonstrate that tangible learning outcomes will be achieved.

Members can apply for the following types of programs to be accredited in this category:

  • Structured individual research relating to the theory/practice of broking or insurance that is conducted with or without mentor assistance. It can include a project that extends the knowledge/skill base of the individual and/or the profession;
  • Structured study tour that focuses on, or extends existing areas of, broking/insurance practice. It can be individually or group organised;
  • A structured internship with another organisation or in another office of the existing organisation in Australia or overseas;
  • An action research project conducted individually or with a group. This can involve working with colleagues in the workplace to develop new skills, solve a particular problem or research a new product, process or service.

A maximum of 7.5 points per annum can be claimed towards the annual CPD requirements, except for Senior QPIBs where there is no limit on points that can be claimed.

Assessment of applications

Your application should be submitted to NIBA, Suite 4.01B, Level 4, 31 Market Street, Sydney 2000 or email Your application will be considered by NIBA and may be referred to a peer panel to assess. 

Letters of support from your employer, mentor or peer referee in the broking or insurance community can be important in validating the project as are other supporting materials related to the project. You need to provide your supervisor or referee with sufficient information so they may assess and offer support and brief comment on your planned activity.


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